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If you’d just wait for it
To return where it came from
Just wait for it
You’d be young again

Heal my demons
Make it dirty on principle
Kill my prison
Tip my demons
But I know they’re unquenchable
Kill my prison

Now do what's suggested
Become a bad father, act famous, ask some woman to prepare you food
But you can't even use a computer
Talk like you invented dirt
Then predict the future

Heal my soul cuz I’m one in a million

Be underwater til the end of time
I’ll need a miracle to change my mind
I’m underwater drowning til you
Heal my soul cuz I’m one in a million

Get straight, dominate
Dictate faith, don’t tolerate
You gotta concentrate, conglomerate

Lookin through the lens with that malfunction
Night time seems so far away
Globes are spinning half as round
The feeling that we found was contagious

All my anxious fear
It's not that I'm gone
I was never here
All my anxious fear
I was never even here

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Dance Gavin Dance - Afterburner

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