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Got to the bottom of the fallout now you’re back in my arms
We didn’t listen to the mission now we’re back in a spar
You couldn’t take another second now you’re back in the car
Another minute right back in it and we’re falling apart
I guess I’m still learning that your brain is bizarre
And maybe I’m a little crazy but I won’t break your heart

Multiple stab wounds
Multiple stab wounds yeah

Only eight editions of the limited left
Authentic, new and precious
I'm completely obsessed
My mouth is open wider than the time I had sex
I knew you'd do this
You're awesome bitch

I make off beat noises with my little guitar
Always been a little crazy but I don’t think too hard

I won’t tame you
I won’t fade your shine
Won’t restrain you
I won’t break your stride

Альбом Afterburner

Dance Gavin Dance - Afterburner

Дата релиза: 24.04.2020

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