Текст песни Dance My Darling - Love & Hate

Оригинальный текст песни Love & Hate

Look into my eyes if you want to say
Touch my hand if you want to play

If you wanna subscribe
Push the button below
If you wanna support
Hands up to know more facts
Of my private life
Turn inside out if you ask me this
Inside out turn inside if you ask me this!

Love me or hate me
Let me dream about you
Dreaming all night No sleep
Hurry to find me
Love me or hate me
Even if it hurts you
No matter what you are
Every thought is a thought of you
Love me or hate me
Make my dreams come true
Save me from the tedium
Save me from my madness
Love me or hate me
Even if it hurts you
I’m your pretty evil girl
Be my pretty evil girl

Leaving me empty when you steal away
Making me suffer every break of day

If you want a bad girl
I can easily be so
If you want a liar
I can be what I’m not
Everything you got is being blacklisted
You got is, is being blacklisted!

Альбом Apoda

Dance My Darling - Apoda

Дата релиза: 12.06.2020

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