Текст песни Dawn Of Solace - Event Horizon

Оригинальный текст песни Event Horizon

I had a choice
An another way
Each direction where the wind relays

My words conveyed
By the air
Disconnection and silence
So I stayed here

Nowhere to go
Nothing to ease the pain
I had a choice to make
But I am still here

Can I see
Beyond the dark of the event horizon
Stars colliding

Can I feel
A Thousand suns
Burning bright inside me
From dust to rise and
Ashes to burn

Ashes to buu-uu-uu-uurn

Where is the promised new world
Domain of eden
Fields of cinders
Gardens of fire
Deserted shelter

Альбом Flames Of Perdition

Dawn Of Solace - Flames Of Perdition

Дата релиза: 12.11.2021

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