Текст песни Dawn Of Solace - Skyline

Оригинальный текст песни Skyline

Wide awake
Restless and aware
In the heart
Of the night

In the core of the dark
Wait for the morning that never comes
In the silence
Wait for the dawn

I will await
Fires to rise
Horizon in flames
The sun ascending

I await for the dark
These dreadful hours
Like sand that flows
Hourglass depleted

Conceal my shadow
For a little while
Don’t allow
The dawn to draw my shade on the wall

With jaded eyes
I stare the skyline
For endless hours to be blinded by the light

And the silence profound
My loyal companion
Solitude that never departs

Альбом Flames Of Perdition

Dawn Of Solace - Flames Of Perdition

Дата релиза: 12.11.2021

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