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I try not to give a fuck about the little things
Yet still every particle of pressure
Got my psyche circling the drain
But shit I can’t complain
Compared to many folks I got it great
So, why's it always seem
That everything was better yesterday
Sure, I suppose that I could down another fifth
To help myself forget
Pocket the grenade and pull the pin
But giving in is overrated
And I’m sick of being faded
And I’d like my epitaph to read
They made it
So, we’ll have to
Wipe the sweat from our brows
Tears from our eyes
Booze from our mouths
I know shits going south
But we got this
Just as long as we don’t cave
To the escape route
Just chug along and everything will play out fine

Or maybe it won't
Maybe we're fucked
Maybe we’re born to die
And all shit out of luck
Plus, it does feel a bit narcissistic
To deny our existence
Is an accident congealed from the dust

How I’d love to find myself
Some solace in some pollyannaish paradise
And view the glass half full
But it’s just so difficult
To not fill every glass in sight with booze
I’ve got so many self-inflicted bullet wounds
In both my feet
That it’s a miracle I ever leave the bed
To walk the streets
When I do a wave of panic washes over me
And shrivels up my lungs
Can’t seem to act the way I’m supposed to be
Without catching a buzz
Meaning is tough to find when anchored to a drug
So, I hold dear the hope
With work one day I'll live a life unplugged

Or maybe it won’t
Maybe we’re screwed
Maybe we’re just arbitrary blips
All born to lose
Maybe searching for meaning hope
To deny life is pointless
And this consciousness shit’s all a ruse

For every happy thought I’ve ever had
There dwells a voice within my head
That speaks to sabotage my comfort
With an existential dread
Oh, how nice it’d be to just enjoy one day
Without the vacuum of anxiety to suck the fun away

Like it’s a
Gorgeous day outside
Too bad that everyone I know will die
It doesn’t matter what we leave behind
We’re all standing in place
Just launching arrows at the sky
The finish line of this rat race
Is just our imminent demise
See what I mean?

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