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Should we protest? Or duck and run?

Is this the apocalypse or just things to come?
Doing what we’re told we have no choice buying what we’re sold.
Freedom and honesty, two sides of a coin that’s no longer currency!

Will this relapse at tomorrow? I got a really big secret uncovered.
Am I the sacrificial lamb in the slaughter? Never even knew.
Was it in the plans? To be the bullseye hit with the poison darts,
As the enemy’s about to be called out! As the enemy’s about to be…

This is done, you will not comprehend? Your life means nothing, my venom regime.
You will fall poisoned, slow in death, you are just a dent in my machine!

Should we revolt? What’s the plan? Cyber rebellion? Led not by “men.”
From behind the scenes, wanting to be heard, from behind their screens.
While the system corrodes and all we know is set to explode!
And will there be more dents who bother!

Альбом No Repercussions?

Dead Blow Hammer - No Repercussions?

Дата релиза: 30.04.2019

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