Текст песни Dear Youth - Dandelions

Оригинальный текст песни Dandelions

Lets just jump to the boiling truth
That stands to separate me from you
When the falls erase the turn of tide
The phone calls in and your fine
And i still keep picking up
I can hear you on the line

Oh, the mood goes stale when the pills won’t do
All watered down by the afternoon

When the falls put out your burning mind
One hell of a pleasant surprise
A sign we’ll be alright

You know it's fine
When you’re plucking out your dandelions
To see that your anticipation worsens situations
You know it's why
When your pulling out your hair
As i can see that your lack of direction paves the way

As pollen flies through the air
And disintegrates with no closure
You hand it off far enough to someone out of sight
A sign we’ll be alright, alright

Serves you right to step aside
It's obvious your mind's not right
Close your eyes and realize
You’re all covered in dandelions

Plucking out your dandelions
Your lack of direction paves the way