Текст песни Death By Dissonance - Fragments

Оригинальный текст песни Fragments

Every awakening a silent sigh
Every awakening an eternal fight
The rain of mercy will never arrive
On the hill of disgrace we are crucified

Intravenous stream of anxious paths
Every heartbeat full of wrath
Animals crammed in a cage of glass
Intoxication, so relentless

Empire of fear, we are mortal gods
A pack of lies, it´s all hollow words
Double-tongued serpent, vast temples of gold
Dying worlds lament, the eyes blindfold

We're strangers in a cage of glass,
Penned up but we're all wearing masks
Endlessness of ways which gather
Confused, alone, at least, is there together?

Like a flintstone, it’s about to ignite
Cannibalism in an ocean of loneliness
It is a monster with a soul of steel,
Eternal chaos between good and evil