Текст песни Defeatist - Oceans Apart

Оригинальный текст песни Oceans Apart

I am not the same
My shadow was lost on the way

I need you to leave
Before I can spend another moment in a room I used to recognise
With everything I left behind
And pictures we lost on the way

Can you feel my shame?
Darkness still remains
When will I change?

I am not the same
You asked me why I went away
Why you couldn’t make me stay
I couldn’t say

But I’m still so homesick
I still feel the pain
Detest replaced the harmony
Now we’re waking up to see that we can’t breathe in the same space

It’s all that I can do, to own up to my mistakes
If only you could own yours too

Lost inside my head
Longing for the strength to get out of bed
Streets all look the same
And even though I’m far from home, I’m still alone
I need a chance to breathe
I need a chance to feel no grief
Some relief

I am not the same,
I am not the same.