Текст песни Degrader - Lykos

Оригинальный текст песни Lykos

Left alone with these thoughts
That plague my mind like poison
Seeking peace
Feeling lost in the corrosion

Lend me light in the dark
To find my way
Water off my back
But your blood remains
What is a warrior without his shield
Guardian let your light reveal

Guardian, in a world of darkness
Let your light reveal
From your wisdom
Strength I will harness
Show me what is real

In the den of the wolves
We show our fangs
Loyalty to the pack
Cut the tongue from the snake
I asked where you stood and your true colors bled
I asked you for the truth, ut you lied instead
Blood runs red

I asked you where you stood
Your true colors bled
I asked for the truth
But you lied instead

Stripped of my armor
And so I lay down my sword
You show me value in honor
And the worth of keeping your word

I'm trained by killers to rip you limb from limb
I won't forget and I'll never forgive
You'll pay in blood for the price of your sins

Draw blood