Текст песни Degrader - Ouroboros

Оригинальный текст песни Ouroboros

I have destroyed the world around me
I have nothing left to lose
Don't start a war you're not willing to fight
My greatest weapon is the truth
Cut the tongue from the serpent
Your life has no purpose
You can't hide and you can't run from it
The one in front of the gun bites the bullet

A snake in the grass
Sever the tongue from its mouth
You think you can fool everyone
But I know exactly what you're about
You talk and you talk but I know it's all lies
Give me back my life

You swear that you're honest
I know that you're fake
You take and you take and you take and you take
So how does it feel to know you're alone

What goes around comes back around
You thought you'd get away
Spewing shit out your fucking mouth
No I can't take back what you took
But the head of the snake is severed by the fangs of the lone wolf

These jaws clench tight
And out seeps your life
Is it hard to breath from under the knife
When the wolf faces the serpent
Only one will leave alive

And with all of my strength
I'll go to any fucking length
To watch you sink back into your den
Exact my revenge
I will have your fucking head
Cut the tongue from the serpent