Текст песни Delusionist - Eschaton

Оригинальный текст песни Eschaton

Deafness noises resonate in my head
Countless black birds are looking under us
Repulsive light pierce your eyes and penetrate my skin
We are going to origin, going to naught

We spend our life without knowing anything, reason of living, when the end will come. All we are going to death we know
History always has end we can’t avoid
What a your afraid of? Life without purpose. I realize your suffer consciously

We are doomed by the inevitable death

The Lord revelations the true fuckin vision
We’ll be teared off the skin and expose yourself

Return to the origin

Poor and wealth, all we engrave mark of beast
The beast will appear from the sea and the heaven and the ground of mother
no way from doom for us
We know the end when begin

Can’t pass prior to the day
We’ll be burned out bone to bone
Can’t pass prior to the day
We’ll be burned out bone to bone

〈Catastrophes bless us all and impose the sanctions against the opponents to vanish into the abyss
All we have to do is just to writhe in agony and accept it
Rotten mind makes us realized the ruined reality and finds us frail〉
There's no fucking way to escape doom
We've already known the beginning of the end