Текст песни Devin To Embers - Ragnarok

Оригинальный текст песни Ragnarok

I must send my horde of flies and ticks across the valleys and up through the streets to chip away at the tissue and cartilage of every survivor and weilder of swords

There is no war
A display of unworthy combatants wither before me
It's not a choice
The end draws near
This is no war
A display of unworthy combatants wither before me
Without a choice, the end draws near.

Sweep dust
From my motionless hands
Collected, during cycles of lust.
The only movement as of late
Digging into brimstone, crying tears built upon broken trust

Ominous in nature
Potential alliances snap at the sight of these dying eyes

Writhe in silence
Shift my body in the dark
I Awaken into the void
Sprinting forward into it’s inviting mouth
Cover my wings in soil
Rip my carcass from the crust, home into the ether’s arms

The bell has rung. Echoing across the plains. Engulfing the space between realities. Bravery is futile, the mirror harkens back to the throne of persistent justice

Chewing through the barriers, to gorge upon the final remnants of absolution.

Release the swarm
Cover the Earth in larvae
Let the blood of the masses quench the thirst of legions below

In the wake ov sòl, at the foot ov the cross, ethereal scrolls ov labyrinthine lore beckons wretchedness upon the gates

Reverberation of hope eclipsed. The maggots consuming the fresh glistening flesh. Unearthly warriors gnawing on the viscera, viciously chomping away

The emptiness between stars, illuminated by the crimson moon unwithered