Текст песни Devin Townsend - Spite

Оригинальный текст песни Spite

Once upon a time, in a tiny little town in a tiny little house, where no one came around
There lived a bird who was just so sad
For this little bird didn't have a mom or a dad
He had forgotten how to fly, and he had lost the will to try
Until one day a bear came around, and the bird heard its terrible sound
And through his fear, his courage did appear
He lifted once more from the ground

Show me through your animal heart, and not through your mind
You and I can't find our 'one'
Throws me naked into the eternal don't go now
You and I run
In a world that's so inviting
Find your own sanctuary and play along

Show me to the fundamental tenet, hard times have come to return
You and I can't find our 'one'

Everybody, everyone in a world thats subdivided
Hold your own ceremony, and carry on

Soul, soul and the body are broken hearted
So, sons and your daughters are broken hearted
But know, only the body is broken, hardened

Show me to the fear that's in your mind

Show me through your animal heart, and not through your mind!
(You and I can't find our one)

In a world that's self-divided
You count your hopes, face the morning, and pray along

Think of everyone you know, everyone is broken
Take a look around, everyone is sad

Monsters and robots are broken hearted
Octopus lovers are broken hearted
Dad in the garden, all broken hearted

Thank you for the morning and the light
But more than this, thank you for keeping trying
Slow progress is still progress!

Hold the world in your heart
I'm so afraid to say anything now
Hold the world in your heart
I won't let you fall

Альбом Empath

Devin Townsend - Empath

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"Empath" - это сольный альбом прог-рок музыканта Дэвина Таунсенда. Вышел 29 марта 2019 года.