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What I'm missing is a fleeting feeling,
Something innocent that filled my chest.
This vacancy has left me haunted
Even when I know it's for the best

I couldn't picture myself with her missing,
So incomplete, so full of fear.
When every second's searching for an exit,
It's hard to think you'll make it through the year.
So then I ran myself into the ground
On the sidelines watching our lives unfold
I dragged my consciousness along the water
Firmly holding to the hand that pulls me down.

Stay with me
I promise that I'll never leave
Ease the sickness tonight
Loosen the tender hands
Choking me to death.
Drown with me
All the rivers in time are passing me by.
Maybe the darkest nights won't find me
If I hold my breath.

I tried so hard to inscribe all
The best of you on my brittle bones
But sentiments that escaped from tired lungs
Were hollow words from a hollow home

Ironic discrepancy,
Two pairs of eyes not quite aligned.
As long as every thread of light betrays me,
I might not get this dream off my mind.
Beneath all these painted over cracks
The worst of storms has come and passed.
Amidst the heavy rain, there's solace in knowing
I hope you're happy after all.

I like to think that maybe I,
Every now and then, I cross your mind
In a lot more ways than I'd like you to be,
You're crossing mine, you're still with me.

Альбом Your Love Never Found A Home In Me

Devotion - Your Love Never Found A Home In Me

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