Текст песни Diabulus In Musica - Blurred Dreams

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Time goes by and I'm unable to choose
I find all pathways are closed for me, I can't go on
What I've done? I feel my life slips away
Immobile, beholder of my decay, my own fall

Through the years I clearly see who I was
I pray for that little girl for her aims to evade
Broken dreams and a long path to be cleared
So many lost words blown by the wind, lies that remain

Nowadays there's nothing more I can lose
And nothing left I could miss one day, what is my sin?
Long dark days and misty nights to forget
Blurred memories settle deep in my mind draining my soul

I dream myself in a paradise
Where my joy is complete
Where I can let my force shine
Where your shadow is no longer here shading all trace of light
Where my angels don't forsake me...

Wake up once more
Insanity knocks on my door
You know one single word would collapse my whole world
I miss my sense
What I was in golden days
Will everything come back? Will you stand by my side? Will you?

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Diabulus In Musica - Euphonic Entropy

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