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Love did it all, it strengthened my soul
While I was about to fall in the abyss
Why we confront in this battlefield?
Why we let the whirlwind drag our dreams?
Why we insist on finding always new enemies?

In the vortex, we won. We found the order we'd lost
We set our thoughts in their place, we crossed the path to nowhere
In the vortex we fought against all shadows around
In the vortex I am stronger than I ever was

We'll never yield to inner fears
Here we are, ready for the next fight

In the vortex we beat darkness, in the vortex we killed shadows
In the vortex we are stronger, in the vortex comes our moment

Альбом Euphonic Entropy

Diabulus In Musica - Euphonic Entropy

Дата релиза: 14.02.2020

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