Текст песни Diamond Construct - Psychosis

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I never meant to end up this way
Depending everyday fucking seems the same
Am I to blame, what can I say?
What’s the price anyway?
Everything you say
Broken ties, suicide
Going out my fucking mind, right now

I’m fuckin' sick of this shit
Everyday that I’m bitchin' it
Leanin' on my side with a stitch
When you call and I’m drinking it

The problem solved itself, self destruct again
Here we go again, mother fuck it up
I just can’t give it up up up up
Here we go let’s give it up, give it up

Hey, it’s the scene to your horror film
Roll the credits, roll the tears for the hero you loved all these years
Hold my eyes to watch again
I never liked that film anyway

You better shake off all the shit that you’ve been through
'Cause it won’t it just won’t it don’t wait for you
No it don’t, don’t you fuckin judge me
It won’t wait, changing my own mindset
No it don’t, state of psychosis
It won’t wait for you

Give up, fuckin' never
Slip up by December
Drink up, like you ever
Night large, can’t remember hold up
Wait, what’s it gonna take
Make it break, turn up with the shakes now turn up the bass
Psychos in a state, uh
Wanna feel no suffering, Oh

Ay ay ay, let's go
Why do we suffer like this everyday?
Here we go again now
Die, that’s that’s the fucking choice you wanna make
Here we go again now
Lies, all the shit you put me through now see
I’m fine I’m not in psychosis now laugh with me

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