Текст песни Distant Blue - Whatever Makes You Feel Safe

Оригинальный текст песни Whatever Makes You Feel Safe

Written in verse
The wandering aimless
He came to a church
Told him it was painless
Now he sold his soul
For fortune and fame
Said he wouldn’t ever complain

Pick up the phone
I’m losing sensation
I can’t be alone
Connections are dropping
All I hear is buzzing
You can’t reach my signal cuz I’m not at home

Time will pass
Stepping on broken glass
I know someone has been here before her

Can’t call out
He knows there’s no stopping
The road ahead (it’s getting darker)

Hold your faith
I guess whatever makes you feel safe
When your in a bad way
Can’t call out he knows there’s no (stopping)

Run away (run away)with the sound
Get your feet (get your feet)off the ground
Run away (run away)with the sound
One more time, now I’m coming down

West coast dreamer
Turned a believer
To nothing more than
A soul creeper

Post Jesus
Can anyone see us
Snake charmer
I can’t believe this