Текст песни Distant - False Gods

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I am abomination
I am the hells creation
I am the father of legion of serpents
The adversary of the false gods

It came upon time to cease the weak
Martyrdom of the kings
A disgraceful act of gods
The empire relinquished,
left behind to wither and rot

Echoes of wraiths of your sins
Dragging you deeper to the depths
I am laying down your soul, your delusional legacy
The crown of lies - ageless treachery
It is time for you to be thrown to justice

The serpents teeth burried deep within your skin
Spreading the malicious intent,
to rid you of your false beliefs
From the hell I’m watching you
Been dragged through the depths of no return
I am your prophet
I offer you this suffering

For I Am Death
Come to me and walk the path,
of the deathless life of wisdom
Blinded by the lies no more
By the religion of thy false gods

Temples will fall apart
and the flesh of men will rot
Empires decomposed in perpetuity
Masses controlled through a decrepit lies
I was born to tear down the pillars of your hope

The messiah of annihilation came with purpouse to purge this world of humanity
For thousand years we’ve been rotting out this earth
It is time for us to be thrown to justice

God of nothing - bringer of tragedy down on this earth
Embodiment - one with the void
Genocide - consuming thy souls

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Distant - Tyrannotophia

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