Текст песни Distant - Hellmouth

Оригинальный текст песни Hellmouth

Soon we will reach the lair of despair

Death will finally regain its throne and lead us into the Void.

The Void where my soul has been sealed.

The flowers of blood growing on my back
- the stench of betrayal.
I shall obliterate every last blood of humanity

The odious one whose heart pumps the blood of the false creator!
I remember the scent of the bastards son.

I shall hunt you down for your eternity
until I rid this earth of your foul smell.

He plucks the thread that make you dance,
Surrender in fear, to the lowest of the foul.
Submerge through darkness, rancid filth
Hour by hour you are moving downward, ever closer to hell.

I shall consume thine light, for I am the darkness eternal.
Come my friend the Void is calling thine name,

Cometh for the solace, silence the truth
Now, let the world resonate a bell of chaos

That tolls to the apocalypse of humanity

Entrap this world in fear

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Distant - Dawn Of Corruption

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