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Cold wind blows over the graves tonight
Overhead the banshee’s crying
‘neath the light of pale moon shining

This hallowed ground on which you tread
Creates the rot, entombs the dead
The vermin’s feast leaves only bones
And the worms slither in our skulls
It is here you will lie

Lonesome spirits haunt the graves tonight
In tombs of old the others sleep
As musk of mold from caskets creeps

Bodies cold, devoid of life
Deep within the earth we lie
Rotten and skeletonized
Deep within the earth we lie

Autumn leaves dance past the graves tonight
No sign of life, no flowers blooming
Only death and darkness looming

Альбом Dreamers And The Dead

Doctor Smoke - Dreamers And The Dead

Дата релиза: 03.09.2021

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