Текст песни Domestic Terror - Drugged And Abducted

Оригинальный текст песни Drugged And Abducted

If left to my own devices
I would indulge all of my vices
Life finds a way or so they say
But I assure you, yours fucking ends today
I never regard the well-being of others
I never aspired for more than a slow death in the gutter
Than a slow death in the gutter, mother fucker!
So i'll bide my time, until the moments right
And i'll make my move when you're most vulnerable
I enter your safe space
Like a Trojan predator
Echoes of agony
Repeating in my mind
Blatant disregard for human life
As your delicate skin meets my knife
Plead to the god of your choosing
As your led into the blackness of night
Drugged and abducted!