Текст песни Dreameater - Cold

Оригинальный текст песни Cold

I can’t believe you made feel so worthless
You tore me apart left me in the dark
I thought you were meant to care
You sold me out to save your self
Hold your tongue you never meant a word
Your nothing to me anymore
I’ve heard you talk but can you listen?
Try tell me I’m all that you despise

All that you despise

All that you despise

You left the knife in my back
I feel it cold
Deep embedded in me
I’ve learned to love the pain
It reminds me why I am this way

You can’t hurt me anymore

After everything I remain cold
I know I've lost all self control
I have come to terms with who I am
How bout you try looking in the mirror
Sleep with one eye open
Karma is coming for you
You don’t deserve to live in peace
For what you did to me
What you did to me