Текст песни Dreaming Awake - Australians Can Tell The Future pt. II

Оригинальный текст песни Australians Can Tell The Future pt. II

Comatose beauty takes uniform
Slowly sinking it's thorn
Quintessential for growth
Earth tones resemble withered expressions at most
You had me grounded at a whole

I feel the Arch of time collide with my
Dissociated loops of time
Cathartic wallow leads the blind
If only, following untold the makers time
Intensive shallow thoughts are screaming, filling
Lost in sought out meaning, chances fleeting,

Inharmonic senses fading visions,
A house is but a home in lacking essence
Reminiscent laughter carriers after,
A sign of hope, intoxicating grandeur

We may never know the truth, it's only,
Beared in mind without all proof, I'm hoping ,
All pain will cease when lose ends meet, allowing
Align ourselves to feel the ground that lies beneath our very feet

Watching you slip away from gravity's pull
Crumbling any notion of hope I held close

Dissipating from reality
(Pain will set us free
Love is all we need 4x)
we search for
answers to these technicalities
Solar fields are just a backdrop
(Maker maker! 4x)
Feelings start to spread overtop

For oppositions factor, fleeting breathe, there's no intrensic answer, following the signs of life, aside the lines that blur with time, let's finalize an ageless blight, with signs of hope in fruitful eyes

The black canopy of night is ridden with cognitive mental decline
We try to understand this concept
But this onset headphase has a mind of its own
Watching your memory of me slip away

Disorientation taking hold of its prey
Both relieve and grief coinciding

(Maker maker!)
Scattered you lay scattered history
Your memory will forever live through me