Текст песни Dusty Miller - Three Years, Still Counting

Оригинальный текст песни Three Years, Still Counting

I am like a record on repeat.
I’m stuck on the same song.
As if it could ever get better.
I’m writing the same old letter.

If I could do it all again.
I’d change everything, I’d learn how to drive a car.
I’d drive away to see you every day.
I would drive and not stop; not get out till I saw your face.
If I could do it all again.
I’d wave goodbye to my doubts and get on that train.
I’d run away to see you every day, I would never look back again just forward.

All that I’ve done, what I have become.
It looks so silly based on how long it’s gone.
My shrink says it’s more about me than about you.
I can’t forgive myself, I’m stuck here in my shame.

My songs go on in the same way,
A sadder version of Groundhog Day.

I don’t know if anyone told you.
How far I fell, how far I’m still falling.
Please can I rest now; three years, still counting.
(Still counting)

I’m trying not to scream these words, I write to keep it down.

Let it go!
Let it go, before I’m stuck down here.
This is love
This was love.