Текст песни Elision - The Other

Оригинальный текст песни The Other

We’re falling apart
A painting of inspiration, painted with the pain of subjugation
Now we struggle to respire, our world burns as they stoke the fires
Waging peace
Praying for pain
The skies on fire
This simply can’t sustain
In a world ablaze, we set our scene Justifying injustice and waging peace A sad state of affairs, this narrative
Is there no alternative?
Nothing less than a metabolic rift
Has opened wide, between you and I Us and them, the other and his brother
The few, hoard infinite opulence, ever-expansive The many fight for scraps, held like captives
We are canaries in a coal mine, biding our time and we’re serving as nothing but a warning sign
It never ebbed, it never flowed
Just an ode to the end of hope
The medium became the message We succumbed to a new persuasion The greatest transformation

Moral mutation
“Hell has no mirrors”
So is it any wonder
We never see ourselves
This evil so banal, finds its place within the gloaming
We went to conflict with ourselves, in a state of fear and loathing Disjointed moments in time follow one another
Sights, sounds and thoughts don’t go together
Always was, always will be
No one is illegal on stolen land
No one is an outlaw for defending their home We’ll reap what we sow
It never ebbed, it never flowed
Just an ode, to the end of hope
We are but dealers of woe
We burnt their fragile homes,
Reduced their luminous love of life to monochrome So otherized, that we’re numb, to their plight
On the height of despair, in the depths of depravity We adorn the masks and relinquish our vanity What we’re left with only further darkens
We search and search for a light, that doesn’t exist You’ll never find it by digging deeper into the abyss
“I have no mouth, and I must scream” They stole my voice, tortured me