Текст песни Elision - Utopia

Оригинальный текст песни Utopia

Like a bird above a flooded land, we circle eternally
We try to find a single strand of humanity in the human condition

Stuck in this looping regression, nothing short of obsession
We're addicted to the pain, we love our chains
I want it to end, an escape from the descent
The endless descent

The plains are high on fire
But I'll sit back and admire how composed you remain
All throughout it stays the same

But no, it doesn't feel the same
Now that we're this way
Emphatic hatred will be all that remains
When they get their day

As words wrap themselves in a damning silence
I give up on myself and accept their violence
No it's not about me, nor him or he, it's what comes about in unity

I couldn't even fathom what it meant to me to reconcile with infinity
I thought all these thoughts were all I was ever to be
That there wasn't more left to find right inside

No signs from heaven came today so I subjected myself to an object of hate
Not a second to think, nor a chance to abate, oh I've been washing away
The light that guided me, now wilted and decayed

As words wrap themselves in a damning silence
I gave up on myself and accepted their violence
I forgot who I was, I forgot what it meant to be

How many times must I right this wrong?
I sing as if this is a joyous song
Say their names, speak aloud, don't forget, don't ever relent