Текст песни Evade Escape - On My Own

Оригинальный текст песни On My Own

You walk in, you walk out
You walk out of my life like there's nothing left to talk about
I feel like a fool now
I trusted what you said
I never had a need to doubt

(I can't)
Believe a single word you said
(You lost)
All respect I thought you had
Can hide the fact that you were wrong
So wrong, I do it on my own

I can't believe this
After all the things you said
I do it on my own
You betrayed me
You got inside my head
I do it on my own
And I do this
I do this on my own

And you won't do this again
I won't let you
'Cause breaking people's hearts
Is something that you love to do
I, will replace you
With something worth my while
So I never have to think of you

I do this on my own