Текст песни Every Hour Kills - Re:awaken

Оригинальный текст песни Re:awaken

I hide myself from the ones who cared
You hate yourself, would it kill you to say
What you want from me?
I see it,
You’re headed for disaster
The flood, ahead A meaningful disaster

Awaken Eyes, are they ready for this?
I was somebody, can’t you see
Awaken Eyes, can you cover the truth
I can be anything you dream

It’s all in vain, you’ve shown up
A soulless, cratered, hopeless
Awaken Eyes
Never wanted to see
ReAwaken Now

The great escape, I can see the light
Her one mistake, wasn’t killing the past It was building walls
That crumble under pressure
The empty rooms
They’re burning over pressure

Clashing sides the calming days
Forced to brave depression haze
Slashing through these weakened vines
Searching for more abandoning mines

I hear the voices, trolling on
Amidst the growth of all that’s wrong
A burst of sound has deafened me
One trip it explodes, enlighten me..