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Alone again.
Some things were never meant to be,
but it’s not what it seems.
Another life.
What would you sacrifice to see if the grass is greener?
You’ve seen the worst of me I swear.
We’re running out of time.
Never-mind the way I feel
because you don’t care.
You never cared.
Alone again.
I can’t go through with it.
I’m sorry.
It’s worse than it seems.
I’ve been wasting time on things
that satisfy my mind,
while you’re somewhere else.
Wish I knew what I know now.
Wish I’d really known you.
Is there a chance in starting over?
Head in the clouds,
but it’s a long way down.
It’s worse than it seems.

Альбом Influence

Everything In Slow Motion - Influence

Дата релиза: 16.10.2020

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