Текст песни Existence Has Failed - Birthrite

Оригинальный текст песни Birthrite

Born into a world
Already in debt.
Submit your life
Or you're better off dead.
I cant sit and watch the world burn.
Death rounds the corner as I wait my turn.
I cant sit and watch the world burn .
Death rounds the corner, when will you learn?

This rite of admission
Was not my decision.
Submit, don't fight.
No mercy in sight.
Submit, don't fight
My presence is just a blight
This is my birthright

Societal pressures weight down my feet
I'm treading water but I'm 8 feet deep.
I'm going crazy I think I'm at the brink.
This constant noise so loud I can't even think.
Worthless opinions spit at my face.
My brain is melting, it's full of distaste.

I've become desensitized
Of all the pain and all the lies.
False idols immortalized.
Hang 'em high and cut the ties.
I've become desensitized.