Текст песни Facing The Gallows - Small Hands

Оригинальный текст песни Small Hands

Yeah it's time to raise the curtains,
so enjoy the fucking show,
With your white picket fences they're rotting as you go,
With all your dirty secrets, you're running from your past,
The shit you spoke
The lies you sold,
They'll crumble as you fall,

You're fucking fake and you know you are,
You tried to steal my whole world from me and bled it till its dry,
The strings been cut, you're out of luck, time uncovers all your lies,

Is there something I should know?
Is there something I should say?
What the fuck you trying to tell me?
You're the one who built these fantasies that you conjured on your own,

You poisoned the well again and spit on my passions,
You lead me to an early grave and tried to kick me in again.

Go fuck yourself!
Hash tag your many adventures,
Go fuck yourself and starve your self again,
Put the blame on everybody you knew,
Thank fuck these hands were to small,
For a dirty fuck like you...