Текст песни Facing The Gallows - Virginia

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It's cold here
I can feel the wind
When there's nothing left to live for
When the ones you love descend
Drowning in my sorrow
While the world is beckoning
I've forgotten how to live
I feel like I have lost my king
I'm broken

We all fall down, with no route to get back up
When all hopes forgotten, we've lost our departed, who has our back now?
We're looking for shelter, but all doors are slammed shut
We're searching further, from love from another, someone we can trust

It's calm here
Now I'm part of the wind
And I've found something to live for
And I've learnt to love again
Smiling in my stasis as the earth begins to spin
Our memories will stay here forever until we meet again

Альбом Dead Mindset

Facing The Gallows - Dead Mindset

Дата релиза: 20.02.2018

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