Текст песни Fake Names - All For Sale

Оригинальный текст песни All For Sale

It’s not what you wanna know
But we’ve been played for some time
It’s pretty hard to see
But fear makes us all go blind
Time and time again
Suckers for the abuse
While fighting over crumbs
They’re free to do as they choose

It’s all for sale
And it’s never enough
It’s all for sale
The lights go out
And it’s never enough

It’s just another hollow dream
That we’ve been told to believe
Trickle down economy
That turned us into commodities

Sacrifice yet another go
And life carries on
And life carries on
And I can’t get rid of the taste
Sacrifice yet another pawn
As life carries on

Альбом Fake Names

Fake Names - Fake Names

Дата релиза: 08.05.2020

Дебютный альбом панк-супергруппы Fake Names, вышел 8 мая 2020 года.