Текст песни Falcifer - Pain

Оригинальный текст песни Pain

Seperate the victim
Where's the sense of equality?
Burden the blame you can't see
Wandering aimlessly
Suffer in anguish
Why won't you let me breathe
Let the world see
What you perceive to be

It's all fear
Carried deep by seclusion
Deserted by delusion
A formless wreck inside my bead
Bitterness is the face of truth
And when his face comes to haunt me
I'll beg him to end all the suffering
But the scythe never comes
A lonely world cold and numb

What am I to do with all this pain?
Suffering and all the blame

His face never comes to haunt me
I beg him to end all the suffering
(Pain has a face allow me to show it to you)

i beg him to end all the suffering

Blinded by integrity
Incomplete dead soul

Альбом Pain

Falcifer - Pain

Дата релиза: 06.03.2020

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