Текст песни Familiar With Failure - The Heartless

Оригинальный текст песни The Heartless

There are monsters after people's hearts (people's hearts)
They devour the memories of the one's we love
Collecting darkness from the corners of our mind (corners of our minds)
I have the key to bring you the light from inside

This is the end of either me or my enemy (bleh)

I have been to these distant shores before (shores before)
So familiar these distant signals (distant signals)
I will fight till' my last breath (till' my last breath)
To keep back all of this darkness (darkness)

They just want to watch me burn
Oh it's so easy to, it's so easy to give in

Make it through the night
I can feel all of my dreams escape and turn into nightmares
Ready to eat me alive
I see the creature created by this burning light