Текст песни Fayne - Hubris

Оригинальный текст песни Hubris

We never stood a chance
Behold the end, manipulation at its best
Corralled like sheep, the herd will be slaughtered at last
We’ll pay the debt, used for their own benefit

Forced to believe that there is division
We are segregated
Degradation and hatred so easily assigned
Misled and deceived, uneducated
Misinformation delivered conveniently
They can see, our greatest weakness
Looks like a rarity

Oh, how the mighty have fallen
Resolve is quickly forgotten
Anger is so damn exhausting
It takes more just to smile

The self-degrading population has met it’s match at last
If life after death brings us nowhere at all, then we’re going nowhere fast
We stand in disbelief at our foolishness of ourselves in the face of demise
The culprit has become the victim and is none the more wise
Pawns of a petty game
We’ll never be the same

Blistering hands, under the sweltering heat,
The beating of hearts heard from underneath our skin
As rage is the fuel, the fire ignites
This is the end of the rest of our lives

Oh, how the mighty have fallen
Resolve is quickly forgotten
We watched the colors turn to greys
Anger is so exhausting
Despite it all, after a while
We see it takes more just to smile