Текст песни Fires In The Distance - The Climb

Оригинальный текст песни The Climb

I climb the hill of shattered hope
Stones beneath my feet crumble like the soul I’ve sold

The fall from you was glorious in truth
I am revived by the autumn sun, this path was mine to choose

Shining, the yellow leaves cut through the light
The sun will always set here, embrace the night

I scale the mountain of lost dreams
Their songs escape my ear, replacing them with fear

'Give in, let go' – the voices scream at me
But I’m too close, I’ll see the dawn again, this next step sets me free

The summit out of reach
Grip... slides
There’s so much left to grasp, but it’s not for me

Альбом Echoes From Deep November

Fires In The Distance - Echoes From Deep November

Дата релиза: 18.09.2020

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