Текст песни Flesh Tomb - Beckoning Of The Void

Оригинальный текст песни Beckoning Of The Void

My consciousness
Slips right through my fingertips
Head in hands, feet in sand, my mouth full of piss
Blood to blood
What have I done
My own flesh, my own kin, tell me how I've sinned

Pierce my ears with your soft cold lips
Like deep lines on my cold pale wrists
Grasp upon my frayed old soul
With the tightness of winter's grip

So fragile
So Empty
These figures whispered as blood thirsty
Is this lies? Is this truth?
Forked speech from a soft cavity

No place like home
Where there is no reality
Carve out my tongue
Black out my eyes
Each word
They pierce
Like a thorn
In my side

No place like home