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Closed, the eyes of the dead
Yet I can see you all black surrounding my old abode
A cry breaking the silence
Lament of a mourner washing pain away like rain

Life, the day we'll be gone
(Life, the greatest of all lies)
A step into the unknown
(The time to blink our eyes and we're gone)
Free from all fears
(Before we die)
Crave the peace of our earth
(Crave our immortality)
Finally back to the place we belong
(As the memory resides in our name and fills the hearts)

Lone, my body rests
May the earth lie lightly upon my defenseless spoils
Void, epiphany of absence
Fading all my senses into the eternal night

Time, the day we'll be gone
(Time, illusion of our mind)
The sleep of no return
(The nemesis of the most foolish longing)
Where everything's clear
(Eternity is)
Fame resounds in the words
(Fame, when back to dust again, is inert)
The true epitaph that will live forever
(And all that remains, it can be love or)
Pain, afflicting the hearts
(Pain we inflicted on other men)
Infecting the souls
(Infernal torment lasts for the ones we leave behind)
It's carved in the memories of our sons
(Face, oh, who we really are)
Face what we've become
(Laid bare before the highest judge, the memory)
It shapes in the mirror a man we don't know

Before returning to dust
Accept the finite nature of flesh and carpe diem
Live each day as if it's your last
Unburdened of paralyzing dreads, move past
As the master taught us

Cold, the hand of fate
Cruel, falls down relentless the curtain on passing flesh
Death, the close of existence
The mother of all fears and despair of mankind
Is nothing but life

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Fleshgod Apocalypse - Veleno

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