Текст песни FliT - Shorter Shadows

Оригинальный текст песни Shorter Shadows

I know the time has come again
I can feel it on my skin
The royal sky is turning gray
I’m touched by autumn’s wind
Swiftly come the shorter days
The moon changes phase
Greens quickly turn to red
Still seeking solar grace

Bleak days will slow your steps,
Freeze your heart
But never chilling me
And if you need to see a light
The beacon shines on me

Darker clouds can fill the sky
There’s a fire in me
I won’t blindly follow where the cold wind blows
When the sun has risen high
It can shine on me
Now I’m standing tall and casting shorter shadows

Mercury will fall in line
The chill goes up my spine
Atmosphere is pushing down
I will not be confined
Spinning through the emptiness
We can feel alone in space
My feet are on the ground
I know this is my place

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FliT - Just Go

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