Текст песни Four Year Strong - Get Out Of My Head

Оригинальный текст песни Get Out Of My Head

I just wanna' fall asleep
Drift away, awake up in a dream
Where everything's still fucked up but it doesn't bother me
Instead it all fills up my lungs 'til I can barely breathe

And all the times I try and tell myself the truth
All I hear is you
So get out of my head

I know without a doubt
If I don't get up, I'll sink right through the couch
Where the rotting of my brain is all I have to think about
The world just keeps on turning as I'm turning inside out

And all the pieces that I'm picking up off the floor
They don't seem to fit the way they're supposed to anymore
And all the things that I've been trying not to do
They always lead me back to you
So get out of my head

Thought I saw the writing on the wall
But now I see the paint is peeling
You got me ripping out the floor
Instead of breaking through the ceiling
You know the feeling
You want me to burn out but I'd rather fade away
So get out of my head

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Four Year Strong - Brain Pain

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