Текст песни Fox Lake - Born 2 Lose

Оригинальный текст песни Born 2 Lose

You’re in a headlock
In the arms of the brother
Got the rope tied tight by the hands of the mother
Mouth shut by the lips of the sister
Father breaks your knees and calls you a quitter

They say nothing wrong
And we believe them

I’m nobody special and to be honest neither are you
You’re a cog in the machine that fuels wars and greed
Built off the backs of those really in need
So what more does the man got to offer?
Schools fall apart while the wealth gap gets larger
And their feet sink deeper into un-moveable alters
As they change the law with their lawyers and we call them our employers

Can’t put no muzzle on me
Eat the rich

Exploited labor
Love thy neighbor
Dollar sign
Bottom line
Bottom feeder
Give to Caesar
Mass produced for mass profit
Dirty hands with deeper pockets
We were born to lose
The system hates you

Альбом Lady Luck

Fox Lake - Lady Luck

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