Текст песни Fox Lake - Tunnel Vision

Оригинальный текст песни Tunnel Vision

Gave so much to this whole thing (run it)
Take what I made and give chase
Shit talk will be your shit stain when I top it (tru)
Devil on my back even knows I’m gonna go cop it
Some days I don’t think I got it
But I
Always feel they hands in my pockets
Good bye
Head hangin down no more
No power
Given to the hate
Eat this - devour
This is evolution
No sound pollution
Pure execution
You can feel the fusion
Of a low grade heart attack
And a place to be no lookin back
So take your best shot you might land a few hits
But guaranteed you never heard shit like this

If you put out a song know it’s been disregarded
Most records I’m hearing are nothin but garbage
And I do not care if you wanna be critical
Vomit it up all in my face it’s no miracle
That I’m here standing and your ass it pitiful
Scratching and clawing you counting the days
On a wall in a cell fading while with age
We gettin bagged on like groceries
Bein put down like we got bad knees
That hate sparks your smoke screen
Love or leave which one is your thing
You can get fucked or get down with it
Shaolin bring mad pain
We slam hard - wu tang
We want less talk more bang bang bang

I got weak minds grabbin at my ankles
I got no time I’m sleeping if you only
Want a few fives tunnel vision bitch
I want a lifetime

Get lost in your tunnel vision
Full stop - your mind is your fucking prison

Only your mind

It’s all hit the fan
Malace At The Palace
Neo underneath it like
Everybody better with badder belief
But they don’t feel the beat so I’m like

Its fake friends making fake names talking big games throwing real shade giving up shame taking good days away from boys tossing big change on a fake chain made to chase fame size of jet plane

Fresh off the drop
Fell from the top
I know what I am
I know what I’m not
If you take it all away
Never seen again
I don’t think I’d find a way to break back in my skin

Take your best shot you might land a few hits
But guaranteed you’ve never heard shit like this