Текст песни Friend Or Enemy - My Heart

Оригинальный текст песни My Heart

We fight - We fall
F*** you - we don’t care at all
We Rise - We crawl
We stick together - make the world feel small
This is for eternity
Just for our friends and family
This may be the death of me
My heart - Friend or enemy

Oh we gonna make it
F*** your negativity
This is what keeps us still alive

Oh so here we are
Never thought that we’d make it this far
It’s the world against us five
Never wanted something more in my life

Hahahah so listen up
We gonna make it
This is positivity

No, you won’t take it away
Don‘t give a s*** about what you say
No space for pain and misery
We overcome all gravity

Together we will rise cause this is all we have
Together we are strong stay friends till our death