Текст песни Frost - The Way

Оригинальный текст песни The Way

The Way
The first rays of the morning sun
Had washed down the mountains,
But the horizon what I see,
Every day is cold and frosty...
I am living on the other side, in the palm of raving winds,
I was lost on the way home, the blinding light reneged me
The grace in my eyes that I received from you became gray lead
The sky finally covered me, with his misty veil...
My long journey through the dimensions of life
Makes me victim of the killer time,
On my way, hands that become dusty reach out for you,
But the cold disinterest only responds by loneliness...
In the colourful spiral of voices,
Every painful crying enter to my head
My sight follows the crimson twilight
On the frosty horizon
Where soon the stars, which rising out
From the black sky,
Will seal the dark waters there, my glowing chains
Will finally fall off from my wrinkled body,
And black birds will bring me over
The mighty mountains...