Текст песни Fulci - Apocalypse Zombie

Оригинальный текст песни Apocalypse Zombie

By the ocean, the infected boat comes
Blown by a dark wind of agony

Septicemic plague spead by bites
Intravascular coagulation slowly kill
Winds of torment blow from the abyss
Time has come, no faith can save you

Millions of flies, blackened sky
Raining maggots, apocalypse plague
Zombie pandemic worldwide spread
Cities under siege, apocalypse zombie

Blood infection, corpse reanimated
Primitive instinct, flesh eaters
Immortal virus, devoured from within
Fatal pandemia, it's the end of days

Chaos in the street no one can control
Zombies everywhere no way to stop them
Living dead hordes coming from beyond
Crossing the bridge to take over the city

Альбом Tropical Sun

Fulci - Tropical Sun

Дата релиза: 31.05.2020

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