Текст песни Funeral Wake - Eve Of Mourning

Оригинальный текст песни Eve Of Mourning

On this eve of mourning
We stand transfixed in solemn silence
As we watched the world we loved lower deeper and deeper swallowed into the night

On this eve of mourning
I lay gripped by the cold hands of Sorrow
Failures of the past feeding my fears facing Tomorrow
Condolences and sympathy ,wont bring her back to me
A thousand apologies wont stop the ghost from haunting me
Solace washes over me as the razor slides across chest
the sharp reminder of the agony ill never lay to rest
This pit in my guts growing ever deeper your name an reminder that in the end all we have left will be our

Carved into our wrist
A last goodbye of the world we couldn't save
Eulogies carved in flesh as a monument of our mourning and a sermon of our
Written on her face,
As the unyielding night swallowed her whole
A ghost passing through my fingertips
Trapped in this stasis of grief unending and ever

Sallow flesh
And withered hands wrap around my neck
Pulling me deeper into the chasm
Dragging me further into the maw

Oh ghost of mourning take this wretch into thy arms
Lay her down to rest where she can watch flowers wilt
Guide our hearts beneath the rising tides of anguish
Guide this lost young soul from the jaws of eternal silence
Guide our sorrows into the house of lasting sleep
Guide our broken hearts into the deep
For we know not where to weep

Crushed to death by the weight of a mothers tears
Suffocated by a horror of a child death throes
Entrapped by the pain of a fathers grief i sacrifice thee life for a life

and Soul for a soul.

Dread father take broken spirit into your arms
Lay her head to rest from this cruel world
Return your lost child from the safety the night
Never to feel the sunlight again
I sacrifice...

Guide us through the passing fucking night

On this eve of mourning
We stood transfixed.
Choked on words
No answers only silence.